Whenever your boat needs towing, you should ensure that your towing arrangement is well-suited to the situation. It is vital to ensure that your towing vehicle can safely reach and rescue the vessel without causing unnecessary damage. This is because time is crucial and there is a limited window to act. A standard operating procedure should be followed to minimize damage. Listed below are the main components of a towing arrangement. Ensure that your towing arrangement is up to date and in top shape before a disaster strikes. Remember to have a tow service number saved in your phone for emergencies.

An emergency towing arrangement needs to be able to connect the ship with the tug. The chain should be attached to a strong point on the ship. It should not be attached to the ship’s deck, as it will become impractical to reach it during an emergency. It should also be able to float freely in the water and be easily picked up. Moreover, it should be strong enough to withstand all the forces that are acting on it while towing.

While towing service is not covered by your car insurance, it is still important to have an emergency towing plan. This is particularly helpful if your vehicle breaks down outside of business hours. In such a scenario, you might end up spending more than you intended if you leave the vehicle unattended. Then, there is the risk that the vehicle will become a target for vandals, resulting in a fine and other problems. To prevent all these problems, you need to act immediately.  Check out Acupuncture Riverhead for all your acupuncture needs!