Understanding and Handling All Areas of WordPress Support

WordPress support is a multi-faceted undertaking which can demand many hours of dedicated service. From backend management such as site security and database optimisation to more familiar tasks such as the filtering of comments, approving posts and maintaining regular backups, WordPress support spans all avenues. Given the vast amount of time and knowledge that it takes to maintain a WordPress site, it is often better to resort to a managed WordPress solution whereby a company with specialized staff manages each aspect of your site. To help you make an informed decision, we shall supply you an overview of what is needed in terms of WP management.

Theme Support & Plugins

Page load time needs to be kept as low as possible. This makes it essential for us to have a site which is both well-configured and free from conflicts. There is a huge amount of plugins and themes available, alongside the option of having your site custom-designed. Despite out-of-the-box cross-compatibility getting better and better, issues always creep through. Firstly, it is highly recommended that you allow a seasoned developer to configure any new WordPress site. Make certain that he or she optimises all pages for page load time, while ensuring that the entire setup is free from conflicts. Professional themes, generally those a bit higher priced, have excellent support. Make sure that you find a theme that stays up to date and is well-supported, while the same goes for all plugins.

Security Support for WordPress

While each WordPress site has countless options available to take care of security, it is still best to manually lock down every component of your server that is in use. In many cases it is far better to make slight changes to the code of your site, instead of implementing a new plugin for every aspect of security. Uptime is imperative and changes to your security configuration often come with unforeseen consequences. Rather than taking the risk, it is better to employ the services of a dedicated WP management consultant, as this will ensure that your site stays up throughout the entire process.

WordPress Support Management

If you manage any form of an online community, or have a product of any sort, then you may also need to maintain a support section. Attending to your customers or users can demand dedicated staffing, while the support desk plugin for WordPress itself may need maintenance and support of its own. WordPress management is made easy through many ticketing, forum and help desk plugins, however ensuring that this is secure and free from glitches will take trial and error, or the help of a dedicated support service. WordPress support plugins are in abundance, which often makes picking the perfect configuration for your site troublesome. WP management services will allow you to specify the look and capabilities needed, while the setup and implementation is delegated to another. This is far easier than carrying out the entire configuration yourself.

WordPress Backups

Maintaining an easy-to-restore backup of your last working configuration is essential. Managed WordPress support services ensures that your site is always backed up. Many providers give you off-site backups with massive storage limits and up to thirty-days or more of incremental backups. The convenience that comes with such a comprehensive backup plan is unparalleled, putting your mind at complete ease, should any WordPress support issues arise. Restoring from a backup is also easier said than done, if you aren’t a technical user. WP management comes with the advantage of having your entire site’s restoration ready at the drop of a hat, your uptime is guaranteed no matter what.

Troubleshooting & Live Support

If you opt for any type of WP management, then make sure that you consider going with a solution which offers live support. This often makes for the easiest way to troubleshoot any issues with third-party domains, networks or services, while resolving scripts, plugins and compatibility issues are also made just as easy. The added convenience of knowing that there is someone to attend to your query personally should not go overlooked. Many WordPress support issues are best explained or demonstrated to have them understood and addressed, which makes live support near essential for hassle-free maintenance and repairs.

Advanced Support

Without advanced competency in WordPress support, many issues will go overlooked. Problems with server-side issues require a thorough understanding of networking, hardware and technology, while deciphering the server logs themselves takes a good amount of know-how. Security monitoring, as before-mentioned, is not just a matter of watching a plugin, while platform-related performance issues are addressable only by qualified technicians. If you need complete security and total performance optimisation, then WP management is a must.

Performance Optimisations for WordPress

Every WordPress site needs to have both server-side and on-page optimisation carried out in order to grant the best experience and page load-times. A slow site deters users from the get-go. Studies show that each user expects a page to open within two seconds on average, while for every second longer you are upping the chance of adding yet another measure to your rising bounce rate. When it comes to online purchases, speed is even more imperative. Most shoppers will refrain from making a purchase completely if your site is too slow. WP management ensures that every aspect of your site is tweaked for speed. Don’t run the risk of losing business through losing the attention of your browsers simply due to a slow, under-optimized site.

Scalability and WP Management

We are all hoping for our businesses to grow at a rapid rate, however once growth does skyrocket the need for a scalable server and hosting solution becomes extremely important. From storage limits to bandwidth constraints, the demand on your host will without-a-doubt rise over time. By procuring a good provider of WP management services, you can guarantee scalability from the start. Always evaluate your options and ensure that incremental upgrades are available for when you need them.

As the demand on your hardware, bandwidth and technology increases, so does the price. An incremental upgrade solution ensures that you have an affordable means to meet the demand of your users. For any form of WordPress support that you are considering, ensure that it has provision for the long-term growth of your site. The last thing that you need is switching to a new support service, rather than sticking with someone that knows your backend in its entirety.

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