6 ways you can use tech to boost SEO agencies productivity

Whether your a large multi-national corporation or a local Miami SEO expert who needs to track every task, using the right tech can help you be more efficient, and ultimately save time and money for your agency. 

The minutes and hours really do add up, frighteningly so. If you’ve got a team of 10 people who all spend 10 minutes a day on an unnecessary task, that wasted time adds up to 12 weeks of combined dropped productivity over a year.

Imagine what having an extra person in for 12 weeks of the year could achieve? Well, the good news is, you don’t need to get recruiting – there’s tech out there that will boost productivity and free this time up for your current team.

We had a chance to sit down recently with www.tobiasgillberg.com who shared some of the ways he uses tech to increase productivity within his SEO agency. 

  1. Calendar apps

It’s possible that you already use a calendar app – but not many people full integrate them with life and get the most out of them.

By taking some time on a Sunday evening – or whenever best suits you – entering your forthcoming week into the calendar gives you something resembling a roadmap for how your week is going to pan out.

It also starts to give you some realistic indications of how much time you’ve got to work on SEO projects while considering your other commitments. Just planning your week opens your eyes to how limited time can be – reframing your attitude toward what you’re going to do while you wait for the train or have a bit of an extended lunch break…

What’s more, get the rest of the team (and your email auto-responder!) onside and you’ll never find yourself double-booked again.

  1. Password apps

“The email and/or password you entered cannot be found”

No problem, must have just been a mistype.

“The email and/or password you entered cannot be found”

Accept it, you’ve forgotten it – so you’re going to have to ‘click here to reset’ and wait for it to land in your inbox – or, somewhat inevitably if you’re pushed for time, in your spam folder.

If this process is a recurring thorn in your side, it’s time to install a password manager. A simple piece of software that keeps all your passwords under lock and key – autocompleting them when you reach a log-in.

It also means your security is ramped up too – while our puny human brains can only remember established patterns and words, password management software will have no problem remembering seemingly non-sensical strings of letters, numbers and symbols.

  1. Track your time

Tracking time is as eye-opening as using an app to track your calorie intake for the day. Just as it’s amazing to see quite how all those jelly babies and vending machine trips add up, it’s equally amazing to see how you manage to drop 5 minutes on doing absolutely nothing (or eating jelly babies).

Tracking your time isn’t going to save you time per se, instead, it’s going to open your eyes to how horrifically unproductive you are. And believe us, you are. It’s not a criticism of you directly, it’s just that us humans do a pretty poor job of keeping track of time accurately, so you might think that a few minutes here and there don’t count – but when you begin to realise you spend 2 hours on social media each day, you can begin to do something about it.

Wasted social media time eh? Pah, we’re all too professional for that, which takes us on to our next tip…

  1. Block the distractions

Don’t worry, we know about the sneaky peeks on social media through the day. We all do it.

If we didn’t, the big networks wouldn’t be worth so much. They’ve got a host of design features all intended to keep you going back for more – all the way through the day. You’d almost be superhuman if you can resist it.

Lucky for us, there’s a variety of tools like Cold Turkey and StayFocusd that limit spending your browser time on such sites. Stop relying on willpower – Facebook invests too much money in trying to break it, instead, put software in your way and you’ll see your productivity levels head for the stars.

But what if you just can’t stop? Well, good news, these apps and extensions allow you to set yourself little rewards – so you might even be able to turn your bad habit into a goal based system!

  1. One online brain

If you’re used to keeping your brain workings in different places, finding an online solution might save you the time and effort of remembering where everything is.

We’ve all got a notebook, email, Word documents, note apps and voice memos that we’ve thrown our best ideas into – and that’s great – until you need something quickly. Search back through chats, scour your notes and text messages and you’ll still sometimes be left wanting.

If instead you decide to use a tool like Evernote, you can be certain that all your notes are going to be in one place. Don’t worry if your iPad is at home or your phone’s just died, you can sync across every device to make sure you’ve always got all you info to hand.

  1. Cloud collaboration

Cloud storage isn’t just storage anymore, it’s more like a digital office that all your documents and projectss live in.

That’s because cloud based collaboration is firmly here. Remember the days of having to send a spreadsheet to someone, renaming it when it comes back, over-writing your own copy to avoid confusion then sending it on to someone else to edit before it’s submitted?

Well, kiss goodbye to those headaches and just share the file with everyone who’s got work to do. It never leaves the drive, changes are done in real time and old copies can be reverted back to should anyone make a mistake.

Working as a team in the cloud saves extraordinary amounts of time – and huge amounts of storage and editing ability is completely free.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cloud Technology

Cloud technology, otherwise known as laaS technology, is a growing trend that can benefit businesses both big in small. The cloud adoption grown has as much as 51% of companies as many are using laaS as the primary environment in the workplace. So, what’s the big deal of cloud technology?

Here are 4 Reasons why your business needs cloud technology.

Added Flexibility

Companies across the nation are becoming more remote and will continue this trend for years to come. In fact, as many 50% of American companies are predicted to work outside of the office by the year 2020. Cloud technology will accommodate work from home or outside the office. When files and other work-related items are placed in the cloud, everyone who has gained access can view them, no matter where their location may be.

Boost in Security

As a major concern for businesses all over the world e-commerce businesses opts for third-party processors that are used in the cloud with SSL certificates to keep customer information safe and secure. However online security is not just for e-commerce but for businesses in all industries. Most companies contain confidential information and require a secure cloud system to protect them.

Restorable Data

What happens when your in-house system fails? In this case, the system will crash and lose all your customer data. With cloud technology, you can keep your backup data in the cloud and restore any data that is lost.

Enhanced Task Management

Cloud allows members to stay on the same page at all times. The Cloud tech allows them to set up responsibilities monitor progress and communicate as a group.  Teams can stay on track with the entire project no matter where they are. This allows businesses to gain built-in permission and determine who can gain access throughout the entire process.

Does your business use cloud technology? If not, do you plan to use it? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

5 Reasons Tech and Business Goes Hand in Hand

Technology has a language all on its own. When combined with business, this can help foster the growth and improvement that a business needs. In this article, we will discuss exactly why.

Here are 5 reasons tech and business go hand in hand.

Drive Innovation in Business

Tech professionals understand how technology can help businesses meet online goals as technology can be used to reduce the complex issues in the business and provide better business decisions. When you combine business and tech the objective is to do more than thinking outside the box but rather solve the challenges from within first.

Clear Communication

While explaining for technology works with specifications isn’t what business owners need, it is how technology will help them grow their business. Owners are looking for answers as to how to reach new capabilities, increase profit, open the market and improve productivity.

Gain Benefits by Spending on IT

While IT expenses may be costly, spending on quality IT can provide huge returns such as an increase in business savings on cost and gain in productivity. However, to achieve such results IT support specialists must understand the concepts of business investments and benefits.

Better Design in Products and Services

IT professionals who learn to understand the aspects of business will deliver exactly what their clients want, improve solutions, and ultimately enhance their reputation. Quality results will help businesses improve their design and adjust accordingly to their buyer’s needs.

Influence decisions in business

IT professionals and entrepreneurs can both benefit from this strategic asset. When Tech experts consider the business fundamentals, they will also consider the opportunities of new and existing technology that includes social media, data, and analytics that helps improve services, grow new markets and enhance the overall growth of the business.


To improve the sales and efforts in marketing, businesses must build a dashboard that understands the value acquisition, rate, ration of interest and the return for each target sale. Using this information will help managers to better evaluate the costs and keep their business competitive.

5 Ways Technology is Changing the World of Finance

As we look into the future of economics, the service industry has made some remarkable changes due to the demands and quality customer service that is needed to survive. In fact, most companies are looking forward instead of relying on past performances to help them meet the quality results for clients.

Here are 5 ways technology is changing the world of finance.

Expands Highly-Focused Services

With today’s innovators, products and services are becoming more aggressive in targeting highly matched customers with high profitability. This is a major step up to the previous methods as money transfers required high fees with poor customer experience. As a result, more companies are using innovative networks to great a user-friendly interface and make services all the faster simpler and cheaper for users.

Automate Manual Processes

Innovators are using their skills to transform manual processes to offer services at a whole new level of customers. As a result individuals of a different class are receiving the same services that were once unavailable to them.

Strategic Data

Customer data still remains as the main factor in decisions in finance. Today, customers are becoming more connected with their devices that real-time data is strongly emerging to support decision making in finance. Does your business respond immediately to comments and complaints? It is important to identify the ways data streams to help make strong decisions and encourage policyholders to make smart choices. Creditfix who are one of the UK’s leading providers of IVA’s recently used their vast amount of  internal data to build a personal debt index which is now used by many top online publications to reference debt levels across the UK.

Platform based on Capital

Platforms such as crowdfunding are becoming an important source for many start-up businesses. These platforms allow individuals to connect with just a minor investment and a variety of investment targets. This allows the clients to decide whether or not the company should be funded.


Smart financial investors understand how effective strategies with collaboration can be. With the number of growing partnerships between incumbents and innovators, businesses have a better understanding of their advantages through research and development.

Furthermore, there is more is just how much technology is changing the world of finance. We can safely say that with modern technology business can provide better service and strategies within the marketplace.